Articles on Accent, Kusamono, and Companion Plantings

Underplanting and Accent Plants

By Kev Bailey, United Kingdom

When exhibiting Bonsai formally, they are kept uncluttered. A minimal underplanting of well chosen and perfectly grown moss is traditional. Many judges prefer this to only cover a small portion of the pot's surface. A well chosen accent plant, in a small separate pot, is better for showing than dense undergrowth. Accent plants also allow the designer to build on the theme started by the tree.

Accent Plants for Bonsai

By Wolfgang Putz, Austria

The accent plant should be arranged in such a way that the bonsai will be accentuated. If you look at it from above a more dominating bonsai will be less accentuated from a plant in the foreground. When the accent plant moves to the back, it accentuates the bonsai more if needed.