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Articles from experienced professionals are posted on a regular basis and are divided into subcategories for convenience. Discussions of the articles are held in a separate area in order to preserve the format and feel of the articles for prosperity.

KoB welcomes all article submissions for review and consideration. Articles should be well written on subjects concerning the cultivational aspects of bonsai or the selection, training, growth, or designing of stock and related subjects. Articles concerning the artistic aspects of bonsai should be submitted to

Article submissions can be made by emailing the complete article with full sized photographs to

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Morten Albek - Denmark

Arizona Cooperative Extension

Robert J Baran - USA

Kev Bailey - UK

Maggie Beyer - USA

Randy Brooks - USA

Carolyn Carver - USA

Randy Clark - USA

Erv Evans - USA

Peter Evans - UK

Will Heath - USA

Bill Heston - USA

Everett E. Janne - USA

Mary Madison - USA

Hans Van Meer - The Netherlands

Jyoti and Nikunj Parekh - India

John Pennington - USA

Wolfgang Putz - Austria

Dorothy Schmitz - USA

Eric Schrader - USA

Mike Simmons

Jim Smith - USA

Mauro Stemberger - Italy

Robert Steven - Indonesia

Paul Stokes - USA

Budi Sulistyo - Indonesia

Jean Waldberg - USA