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The Internet has become a valuable tool for experienced bonsaists, for intermediate students, and for newcomers to the art. More often than not the newcomers and intermediate students greatly outnumber the experienced and the very experienced artists on Internet forums and web sites. The experienced artists are therefore often underrepresented because of the shear number of new comers and intermediate students or because they lack the knowledge or resources to create a viable web presence for themselves.

We at the Knowledge of Bonsai forum believe that every bonsai artist of high caliber should have a viable and easy to locate presence on the web on which to share their thoughts and knowledge in a professional, easy to manage and understand format.

With this belief in mind, we have created the Internet's first and only professional bonsaist blog community, where advanced artists can easily post to their own blog, without the hassle of creating or managing it. A blog is a publicly accessible personal journal which is typically updated on a regular basis. Blogs simplify and accelerate the publishing process.

The Knowledge of Bonsai blog community already hosts some of the most respected names in bonsai and is sure to become a hot spot of activity for those interested in the pursuit of knowledge and unfiltered content.

We hope you'll agree with us that this collection of advanced artist blogs is a unique and valuable tool. For a complete listing of all the artists currently in our blog community, please scroll down.

Please Note: The opinions expressed on the Knowledge of Bonsai Sponsored Blogs are those of the author and not necessarily those of the Knowledge of Bonsai forums, its editors, founders, staff, or members.

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