Collecting Articles

Collecting Code

By Kev Bailey, United Kingdom

This discussion document is being developed following the guidelines of the British Geological Survey, the National Trust, The Geologists Association, National Parks and international discussion. It is still evolving and any observations or suggestions would be welcomed.

Collecting Basics

By Will Heath, USA

All those who collect plants for bonsai should observe the ethical considerations of collecting because the manner in which we collect affects the perception of collectors worldwide. Unethical collecting can give a bad name to bonsaists everywhere and can make it very difficult for others to acquire permission to collect in the future.

Yamadori. . .

By Wolfgang Putz, Austria

. . .translated from Japanese means ". . . collecting plants in the mountains. . ." and is without doubt the highlight of collecting and creating Bonsai. Because of so many difficulties and efforts in doing so, just very few bonsai enthusiasts are practicing this digging on the mountainside.