Articles on Bonsai Display Areas

Bonsai Security

By Kev Bailey, Untied Kingdom

A friend returned from Tokyo recently and recounted his amazement at the freedom from crime that the population (including bonsai artists) enjoy in Japan. He was able to walk along narrow alleys behind and between houses and observe many hundreds of bonsai with no fences or security measures to spoil the view. Unfortunately we cannot employ the same trusting methods here in the UK.

Display columns - Elevate Your Trees

By Kev Bailey, United Kingdom

Also known as Monkey Poles, these are the ideal way of displaying a specimen tree individually and thus concentrating attention upon it.
They allow you to walk around your tree, appreciating it from all angles and perhaps attending to a little judicious tidying or pest inspection.
A solitary tree on a column receives the maximum amount of sunlight and wind. Both of these are of positive benefit in the drive to minimise leaf size and internodal distance.

Bonsai Display Benches

By By Kev Bailey, United Kingdom

A good display bench is essential for the outdoor display of bonsai. Once your trees have developed to the stage where you are proud of them, keeping them on a purpose built bench has many advantages. Among these are:
Healthy growth.
Regular observation allows evaluation and prevents problems from escalating.