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Bonsai Security

By Kev Bailey, Untied Kingdom
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Images by Kev Bailey

A friend returned from Tokyo recently and recounted his amazement at the freedom from crime that the population (including bonsai artists) enjoy in Japan. He was able to walk along narrow alleys behind and between houses and observe many hundreds of bonsai with no fences or security measures to spoil the view. Unfortunately we cannot employ the same trusting methods here in the UK.

Thefts from gardens have become an increasing problem over recent years. Determined thieves have been known to lift all the conifers planted on front gardens down an entire street! The attraction of Bonsai, which are ready potted for easy transport and commonly thought to be all of great value, can place collections in jeopardy. Even well known, ancient, specimen trees that are readily identified and unlikely to be saleable have been stolen.

Despite the above, don't allow paranoia to spoil your enjoyment but take a few simple precautions, to minimise the chances of theft and so that if you are unlucky, there is a chance that all will not be lost.

Depending upon the amount that you worry, your location and finances, one or more of the following could be employed:

Hawthorn a flowering deciduous thorny shrub

Variegated Holly

Pyracantha - Firethorn is a tough thorny shrub with flowers and berries

Rambling or Climbing Rose

Berberis - Dense shrub with prickly leaves and thorns

Given adequate thought and preventative measures, you can minimise the risks. If you maintain a sensible level of awareness, you should be able to continue to enjoy your trees without the hassles of any unwanted attention.

Kevin Bailey is an ex-teacher of Geography and Outdoor Pursuits. His interest in Bonsai dates back to the late sixties, developing out of a passion for nature and a keen gardening background. He now juggles three jobs; teaching Media Systems at a Sixth Form college, running his own video production company and establishing a new Bonsai nursery in North Wales.
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