Feed Editor (Unlicensed) 26 Apr 2007 17:07:07 GMT Knowledge of Bonsai Recent Additions The Knowledge of Bonsai Forums is an on-line forum and community for the examination and discussion of the cultivation and technical design aspects of bonsai. It is meant to be a place where information concerning bonsai can be freely exchanged in a professional and straight forward manner without the obstacles commonly prevalent in other venues. This is the serious bonsaist's home on the web. http://www.knowledgeofbonsai.org/articles/index.php en Bonsai Europe / KoB Progressive Styling Contest <IMG alt="Bonsai Europe" hspace=10 src="http://knowledgeofbonsai.org/images/sponsors/be1.jpg" align=left vspace=10 border=0>The First Annual Progressive Styling Contest of the Knowledge of Bonsai Forum is being sponsored by Bonsai Europe Magazine. The contest objective is to obtain stock and style it into a presentable bonsai within the time frame allotted by the rules. In order to include all levels of enthusiasts and all levels of stock, we have created both professional and non-professional categories and sub-divided these into different stock categories. There is no price limit on stock. With the goal of presenting a contest that is educational for all, we have modified the usual "before and after photo" styling contest common on most forums and added a few stipulations that we feel will turn this contest into something that can be discussed, learned from, and referred to by all. This contest will also require that participants submit three sets of progression photographs documenting their work. Each of these sets, as well as the first entry pictures and the final photographs will require a brief written explanation of the decisions made, techniques used, and thoughts behind the design. 26 Apr 2007 23:42:16 GMT http://www.knowledgeofbonsai.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=88 B04AC75A-00C0-442C-99A9-827AB108A43F Yin and Yang "Yin" and "Yang" is a philosophical term in old Chinese culture or Daoism consists of two main elements that describes positive and negative, day and night or male and female; two opposing things that compliment one to the other. When I saw my two diospyros bonsai I was suddenly inspired of designing a penjing with the elements of yin and yang. 20 Mar 2007 23:32:22 GMT http://www.knowledgeofbonsai.org/progressions/yinyang.php Budi Sulistyo Bonsai 2C814CA0-FDFC-4795-87AE-A73712415182 Knowledge of Bonsai Forums New KoB Sponsored Blog Morten Albek has joined the list of many world class bonsai artists that has a KoB sponsored blog. 1 May 2007 00:47:22 GMT http://www.knowledgeofbonsai.org/morten_albek/index.php 85623A2D-FBB2-4563-8D87-9C6A97BC88CC Two Needle Pine Care Basics By Hans Van Meer, The Netherlands - This article is about the maintenance of the Pinus sylvestris and the Pinus mugo, but the techniques I will describe here can, with some small adjustments, also be used for, Pinus nigra, Pinus uncinata or Pinus ponderosa. 27 Jul 2006 22:51:30 GMT http://www.knowledgeofbonsai.org/species_specific/pinecare.php Hans Van Meer Bonsai 88B2E499-AF90-4CFE-B5E0-5BF23A9B1E56 Knowledge of Bonsai Forums Lighting For Indoor Bonsai By Bill Heston , USA - Bruce Baker suggested that fine bonsai is 55% health, 20% growth, 15% display, and only 10% styling. Good health of a tree is essential. All progress is dependent on good health. Although horticulture was not the scope of his talk, Bruce reminded us that the following must be considered for good plant health: proper light, water, good media (good water retention and good porosity), regular and complete fertilizing, and good temperatures. These all add up to creating fine bonsai. If you are uncomfortable with these aspects, take the time to learn about them. AABS Newsletter February 1997 8 Apr 2007 23:30:57 GMT http://www.knowledgeofbonsai.org/accent/accentplants.php Bill Heston Bonsai 2711EB83-C705-4DBF-8EDB-1403D9AC8D13 Knowledge of Bonsai Forums My First Decade as a Beginner By John Pennington, USA - You would think that, after nearly ten years of doing bonsai, I would have accumulated some wisdom about the subject. Perhaps I have, but I feel more like Iím just beginning. However, I did pick up a few nuggets that may be useful to other beginners. How did I learn these things? Much of it came by learning from the more experienced members of the Bonsai Society of San Francisco, which I joined two years ago. Incidentally, call it "BONE-sigh", not "banzai". Banzai! is a Japanese battle cry, used to summon up courage. What we need is not so much courage as patience and wisdom. 5 Apr 2007 23:29:24 GMT http://www.knowledgeofbonsai.org/misc/decadebegin.php John Pennington Bonsai 51E7EB19-3FF1-479E-AF61-8EE250F1CE04 Knowledge of Bonsai Forums Home Lighting System - Bonsai Under Lights By Mike Simmons, USA - Up front I must admit that I didnít really keep track of how much I was spending when I began this project. All I knew was that I was tired of having plants in three different rooms. As a result it was difficult to remain "mindful" of how each plant was growing. I also made the mistake of buying far too many tropical plants last year and was not prepared to house all of them as was required. 29 Mar 2007 23:31:04 GMT http://www.knowledgeofbonsai.org/misc/lights.php Mike Simmons Bonsai 884DA765-1F7C-482A-B481-BE2ED847DD76 Knowledge of Bonsai Forums Gallery: Spring 2007 Mid-America Bonsai Exhibition The Midwest Bonsai Society has been in existence since at least 1967, and probably as far back as 1957. The Society recently produced their third May Bonsai Show at the recently renovated Regenstein Center in the Chicago Botanic Garden. 11 Apr 2007 23:53:53 GMT http://www.knowledgeofbonsai.org/galleries/shows/07/midspring.php Paul Stokes Bonsai Gallery 11594223-305D-4D54-A79D-DD678733C63B Knowledge of Bonsai Forums Gallery: Chicago Botanic Garden Collection In 2000, the Chicago Botanic Garden unveiled a priceless gift to its bonsai collection. Mr. Susumu Nakamura, internationally renowned bonsai master, donated 19 of the most prized specimens from his personal collection to the Garden. With the acquisition of these miniature masterpieces, including some international award-winning plants, the Gardenís collection of 185 bonsai becomes one of the best public collections of bonsai in the world. 26 May 2007 00:14:05 GMT http://www.knowledgeofbonsai.org/galleries/shows/07/chicago.php Paul Stokes Bonsai Gallery 8FDCBE4E-B4A7-4149-8E22-CFB4CA60BC82 Knowledge of Bonsai Forums Gallery: Noelanders Bonsai Trophy VIII - Part One Noelanders Bonsai Trophy VIII - Part One 30 Apr 2007 00:44:33 GMT http://www.knowledgeofbonsai.org/galleries/shows/07/noelanders.php D2F5BEC1-3AD9-40F0-AC85-9D5F58D27F3E Gallery: Noelanders Bonsai Trophy VIII - Part Two Noelanders Bonsai Trophy VIII - Part Two 30 Apr 2007 00:44:33 GMT http://www.knowledgeofbonsai.org/galleries/shows/07/noelanders2.php D2F5BEC1-3AD9-40F0-AC85-9D5F58D27F3E Gallery: Convention of the French School of Salvatore The trees I show here are from French Salvatore Liporace's students who meet 2 weeks ago in a bonsai nursery in south West France. It was a convention of the french school of Salvatore. Students came from all France .Salvatore has a school in Italy, France and Spain. 14 Apr 2007 23:45:32 GMT http://www.knowledgeofbonsai.org/galleries/shows/07/salvatore.php Michel Sacal Bonsai Gallery 1DA11FAD-437E-402F-9528-113E2B23C782 Knowledge of Bonsai Forums