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Mid America Bonsai Alliance 2006 Symposium

Guy Guidry Demonstration with a problematic Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris)

Guy Guidry from Louisiana is a world recognized Bonsai artist. Guy specializes in designing specimen bonsai and is honored to have several of his bonsai trees on permanent display in National Museums around the U.S.A. Guy has pioneered many techniques involved in growing and designing better bonsai. Guy is a very talented and enthusiastic bonsai artist who enjoys traveling the U.S. and abroad, teaching and sharing his knowledge of the art.

Guy asked for a tree with problems, so that he could show and teach how to deal with them. This tree had four areas of reverse taper.

Images By Paul Stokes, USA
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Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris) before the demonstration

Guy Guidry

Guy looking for a root flare

He has found a flare

Guy inspecting the tree

Guy checking the flexibility of a branch, this will let him know how far he can push the tree.

Guy talking about how to deal with a reverse taper

Guy says the best option for this tree to cut off the "knuckle"

Guy says "Make sure not to girdle the tree"

Guy likes the way the trunk looks now

Time to deal with the next reverse taper

And the next reverse taper

Now that all of the problem areas have been removed. Where should we go with the rest of the design.

Guy pointing out another problem area

Guy drawing a plan, he said he learned from John Naka to always draw out a plan before you really begin.

Another view

You can see his drawing in the background

Guy begins to wire

Still wiring

The demonstration hall

Guy explaining how to achieve his drawn out design

Guy says he is a fan of classical bonsai styles and so the crown should become triangular

Guy stresses the importance of wiring every branch

Guy has wired every branch on this tree to achieve his design

Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris) after the demonstration

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