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Mid America Bonsai Alliance 2006 Symposium

Roy Nagatoshi Demonstration with a San Jose Juniper (Juniperus chinensis 'San Jose')

Roy Nagatoshi of California owns Fuji Bonsai Nursery in Sylmar, outside of Los Angeles, California. Roy became involved in bonsai in 1959, and by 1968 both Roy and his father were teaching at their nursery. Roy holds a Bachelor Degree in ornamental Horticulture, and makes frequent appearances, teaching and demonstrating bonsai all over the U.S. Roy was credited for creating bonsai for a major motion picture, Karate Kid III, in 1990, and was also involved in a bonsai educational video professionally produced by Puget Sound Bonsai Association, with funding provided by Weyerhaeuser Company of Tacoma, Washington. He is the President of the California Bonsai Society and a favorite of John Naka.

Images By Paul Stokes, USA
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San Jose Juniper (Juniperus chinensis 'San Jose') before the demonstration

Another View

Roy Nagatoshi inspecting the stock

Roy explaining the San Jose Juniper as a species

Roy is telling an observer that they must wait and see what he does

Roy pointing out the substantial trunk of this tree

Roy talking about the importance of disinfecting all tools and cuts while work is being done. His disinfectant of choice is Lysol mixed 50/50 with water.

The demonstration hall

Roy inspecting the stock

Roy begins by removing all of the "suckers"

Roy removing branches that do not fit into his design

Roy pointing out the movement of the trunk

Roy inspecting the tree once again

Roy creating a jin

Roy removing some small unwanted branches

The wiring begins

It takes the help of an assistant to get all of the wiring done.

An observer wants a closer look

Now that all of the branches are wired the bending begins

San Jose Juniper (Juniperus chinensis 'San Jose') after the demo

The lucky raffle winner Roy Nagaoshi and the tree

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