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Epcot Exhibit 2007

Each year for the past dozen or so the Bonsai Societies of Florida have worked with Disney to put on a bonsai exhibition at the Japan and China pavilions. This year the exhibit will last 8 weeks and will feature both bonsai and penjing from members of the various clubs of the Bonsai Societies of Florida.

Photographs and Text by Rob Kempinski

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An overview shot of the Penjing area. China is to the photographer's back and Germany is visible in the distance.

Jim Smith's Ficus nerifolia penjing on a Chinese marble slab.

Ronn Miller's Ficus nerifolia penjing on a man made concrete slab. This tree was originally put together by club members of the Bonsai Society of Brevard at the Bonsai Society of Florida annual convention club night. Ronn purchased the work at the auction and has maintained and tweaked it the last few years.

Erik Wigert's Ficus Too Little forest planting (despite what the sign says) The slab is man made and quite heavy - it took at least 4 persons to move it into position. Ficus Too little is a difficult tree to bonsai in that the branches do not respond well to pruning. Erik's work with this planting is notable.

Pat Giacobbe's Black Olive (Bucida spinosa) penjing style tree.

A collected old Bald Cypress by Erik Wigert in the penjing display at the China Pavilion.

Fukien Tea and Chinese Elm planting by Ruth and George Osganin of Bradenton, Florida

The Black Forest - a Japanese Black Pine forest penjing by Rob Kempinski of Melbourne, Florida at the China Pavilion in EPCOT.

Jim Smith's Ming Arailia Forest planting. This work is only a year old and reflects the master's touch. It reminds me of a piece of land my father owned years ago in the Taconic Mountains in upstate New York .

Fukien Tea penjing by Richard Turner of Vero Beach, Florida.

A Purple Bougainvillea sp by Richard and JJ Tuner, of Vero Beach Florida.

A Banyan Style Willow Leaf Ficus (Ficus nerifolia) by Rob Kempinski, Melbourne, Florida. Japanese Glazed Pot.

Pat Giacobbe's Juniperus virginiana (Eastern Red Cedar). A tough tree to bonsai but Pat has done a fine job. Pat is from Port Saitn Lucie. Pat is the artist that made an amazing collage drawing of the late John Naka.

Robert Pinder's Ilex vomitoria 'Schillings Nana' (Dwarf Youpon Holly). Robert says this tree is about 25 years old and he collected from an urban landscape.

Ed Trout's famous Willow Leaf Ficus over rock

Vero Beach's Jim VanLandingham's ancient Bald Cypress collected form Naples Florida. The tree is hollow. It was collected 4 years ago.

Jarbas Godoy's amazing Buttonwood - Conocarpus erectus. Jarbas collected this 86 inch tall behemoth himself.

Jim Smith's Small Leaf Jade (Portulacaria afra).

Charles Bevan's Purple Bougainvillea. Charles is an incredible young man who has recovered from a severe auto accident to continue to style his bonsai trees.

Joe Verone's Green Island Ficus near the Restaurant in Japan.

Paul Pikels Podocarpus macrophylla near the restaurant. Paul will take over the management of the exhibit next year from Peter Wood, who has done a fine job coordinating with Disney.

This is the current BSF Logo tree currently residing at the Morikami Gardens but on loan to EPCOT for the show. Its a Twin Trunk Bald Cypress.

Ed Lippincot's Hackberry in an decorative Chinese pot.

Gene Callahan, Saint Cloud, Florida, Ficus Natalensis - a large bonsai with good leaf reduction. Gene must of been pinching very regularly.

Finally the last one - Jim VanLandingham's Bunjin Bald Cypress in the middle of the Japan pavilion koi pond. I like this photo.

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