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August 26, 2007

Ken men ficus proceed

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Procced of ficus in summer.

Remove leaf

Root refine—-Before



Before Typhoon

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Every summer have many TYPHOON ATTACK Taiwan, The same in Japan.
It’s terrible, some bonsai should carry down to ground to protect Typhoon.

We are lucky enough to escape from Typhoon this time.

August 6, 2007

Pitanga Summer defolate

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Pitanga refine

Murraya refine

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Murraya refine



The branch is too heavy


Conclusion, I want show the jin & lifeline. Cut off first left branch , The vision of lifeline
Jin will be more easy to show & Bunjin Style.

Under Summer roof

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Most ficus should be defolate from middle summer(August) to middle
Autumn (October) , but the temperature still very hight . So put under
the shadow is nessary.
I always put in the front of my workhouse, to enjoy everyday.

Do yu like my ficus? Comments NEED.
Actually, I still have many ficus, so need more time to remove leaves. The best time in Taiwan is in
the end of Auguset or early Semtmber.

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