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Pest Manageement

A Compilation of information by
Carolyn Carver
Jupiter Bonsai Nursery
Jupiter, FL, USA
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This article was originaly on the website of the Bonsai Societies of Florida.
Reprinted with permission of the SSF

The information was originally compiled by Carolyn Carver for her own use. It was presented as a seminar at the Bonsai Societies of Florida convention in West Palm Beach in May 1999. Mrs. Carver wants to remind all readers that all chemicals should only be applied in strict accordance with recommended rates and only on labeled pests and plants.

Table of Contents

Brief History of Pesticides
7 Principles of IPM - Integraged Pest Management
Examples of Common Insect Pests
How Insects Injure Plants: Mouth Parts
Other Sprays for Pest Control
Pest Management Terms
Pesticide Classes
Pesticide Safety
Recommended Books

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