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Blackthorn Fruit.

I left some fruit on my Blackthorn this year.
They are ripening now so i thought i would take some photos before the blackbirds return and take them.
      Left side.
The fruit can be used to flavour Gin.
Perhaps i should make some and then i could exchange some with Wolfgang for some Schnaps.  

Exmouth Show.

I went to the Exmouth show on July 1st.
There were some excellent trees on display from Ex Vale, North Devon and South Devon Bonsai Societies.
             accent.      Ash.    Beech
             Bougeonvilia.             Chinese Elm.
             Cork Bark Elm     Lime.    Yew.
            Ivy.    Maple.      Scot’s Pine
           suiseki 1.                suiseki […]

Oak re-style

I have just completed a re-style on my Oak, Quercus robur.
              Top pruned.  
   Proposed new planting depth.    26″ high,  5″ trunk,  9″ nebrari.

No news

They say that no news is good news!.
I have been busy with the mundain things in life like work.
Not a lot of Bonsai stuff happening.
I have updated some of my Gallery photos to hopefully better quality.
Have a Critique to do next week for one of our local shows so i may get some photos then.

Summer Pruning

Have just started to do summer pruning on the trees.
This one is a large Beech, Fagus slyvatica.
                before.                            after.
    She,well i think she’s feminine, is 42″ tall and planted in a David Jones pot.

late Blossom

This Hawthorn is always the last to flower.
It started to blossom 4 years ago and is getting better each year.

Regain Image

Now that the flowers have faded on the hawthorn I have removed them.
I have always worried about the tree loosing strength by producing to much fruit,and as this one always flowers abundantly there would be a lot of fruit.
The other thing is the flowers change the image of the tree taking away the literarti look.
I […]

fresh Beech.

I just love the new fresh green leaves of European beech, Fagus sylvatica, when they appear.
I think beech are underrated as Bonsai. They offer as much seasonal colour variation as the Maples but are a lot easier to look after. They are one of my favorites.
This one is 28″ tall and is planted in […]


A quick update on the Air Layer Hawthorns.
What I have noticed is the difference in foliage size with the two trees.
                            Clives tree has very small leaves.
Where as Chriss’s tree has large leaves.   
Both these trees came from the same site so the differences are quite interesting.
I have two other Hawthorns in my collection that […]


I have always had a problem with taking photos of my Literati Hawthorn.
It is one of those trees that never quite makes it.
I have tried 3 different backdrops this year but I’m still not happy.
Would like some feedback on this.

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