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Archive for February, 2007


Looking around the garden today I caught sight of things  waking up from dormancy.
It has been mild again this winter but as in the last few years March may be the coldest month for us, damageing the new delicate shoots of our trees.
                                 New Larch bud.
                     Fern.  Think they are the spore flowers.

The One That Got Away !

Having finally sorting all the pics from the Swindon show I found this.
   It is a Korean Hornbeam. What i love about this tree is the  trunk. Both the mature bark and the fact that there is not a single straight line anywhere.
The branch placement is also nice with a fair bit of refinement.
My only […]

Devon Windswept.

In our part of the world the trees grow in a slightly different way.
Due to the way they grow towards the sun and the prevailing westerly winds a lot of them develop into what i call “Devon Windswept”.
      Blackthorn hedge.
  I have attempted to capture this style using European Beech.    

First Show of the Year.

Went to the Winter Image Show yesterday. here are just a few views. 
                                 One of my favourates,  European Hornbeam.
  Root over rock Trident Maple.            

                                    Two accents,
  Also managed to pick up a new pot,       
                  There were a couple of things that annoyed me at the show !
                    K’ Hornbeam.
My question is,  […]


Arrived home in daylight and saw these.   
Looks like spring has arrived early again.

Marco workshop.

Last year i had the opportunity to attend a workshop with Marco Invernizzi. My last experience of a workshop ended in frustration and disappointment. The “Master” took a nice Beech and turned it into a Maple. I gave it away and decided not to bother again.
However, having read much about the latest new “Master” i […]