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Archive for March, 2007


The accent plants are begining to wake up .
                            This one is a Devon violet.
                           close up of flower                     


Finished early,working local, nice day, so took the scenic drive home.
              Salcombe bar.
                                                                          the creek.  
             low tide. 
                                                                         the rock.


I went on a collecting trip today. 1st time in 5 years. The weather was great so I went back to one of my usual haunts.
Managed to find a nice Beech.  Fagus slyvatica. 
                    It came out with a compact root system.
  Having got it home safely I did a quick trim.
        I removed […]

Accent ?.

I have been busy re-potting and here is one of the pieces I have done.
                             It is a Sacred Bamboo,  Nandina domestica.
  I was wondering! is this an “accent with accent” ?.

Mugo re-pot.

Have just finished re-potting this garden Mugo pine.  It is 11″ high including the pot.
                                     My prefered front.
                                                                The back.  
                         Top view.

Re-pot Demo.

Have just done my first demo of the year.  It was a talk on re-potting.
I decided to use a Blackthorn collected 10 years earlier. I did a first styling on the tree 2 years ago and thought it was time to take a look at the root system.
  Feb 07.
                                                          Combing roots.
 I prefer to […]