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Archive for June, 2007

Oak re-style

I have just completed a re-style on my Oak, Quercus robur.
              Top pruned.  
   Proposed new planting depth.    26″ high,  5″ trunk,  9″ nebrari.

No news

They say that no news is good news!.
I have been busy with the mundain things in life like work.
Not a lot of Bonsai stuff happening.
I have updated some of my Gallery photos to hopefully better quality.
Have a Critique to do next week for one of our local shows so i may get some photos then.

Summer Pruning

Have just started to do summer pruning on the trees.
This one is a large Beech, Fagus slyvatica.
                before.                            after.
    She,well i think she’s feminine, is 42″ tall and planted in a David Jones pot.