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  Hi. I live in the county of Devon in the S.W. of England.      

It says zone 9 on the world map. I have been serious about Bonsai for 16 years.

I prefer to collect my own material,either yamadori or from nurseries/gardens.Although serious, i have only a small collection of trees. I do not have the time to look after 100s.

I have exhibited at a couple of major shows in Europe and also represented the U.K. in a European New Talent Final.  

I first became interested in bonsai when my wife Kay gave me a book about Bonsai as a Christmas present, (she has regretted it ! ) in 1987. I read it several times and thought, I can do this. (1st mistake !).

After several FAILED attempts,things began to click. I needed more knowledge. I started to read anything i could find about Bonsai to get a basic understanding.I harassed the local library to get every thing they could,and to be fair they were very supportive.I then found out about a local club and joined. It later transpired that i was one of the “Founder Members” of the South Devon Bonsai Society.

Things developed slowly, until in 1991 I attended my first major exhibition at the International Bonsai Meeting in Birmingham. It blew my mind!. The size of some of the trees was astounding. I came away determined to do a lot better.

I gave away most of my trees and started afresh. It took awhile to collect some more serious material from my local region but i soon had some decent potential to work with.

In 1998 i read about the “Ginkgo” awards , a major Bonsai event in Europe,and submitted a photo’ of one of my trees for submission. To my delight it was accepted,and so began my move into the more serious side of Bonsai. I have been back to Ginkgo and also exhibited in the U.K. with good results.

A serious illness in 2000 put a temporary halt to my Bonsai developement,but i am now back on track to do some serious learning.I have had some workshops with some of the main players in the bonsai field which have had various results.I am willing to learn,but only what i want to know.

I grow Bonsai for myself,and if others enjoy the results, that’s a bonus!.   Peter.       










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