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Established in June 2007 by collaboration of 6 person : Robert Steven, Freddy Kustianto, YW.Junardy,  J.Wenas, Soelistio Sidhi, Honggo Jiwo Saputro and Henri Nurcahyo; who are highly dedicated in the Indonesian bonsai society, sponsored by Green Hobby, Flora and Agro Trend, the leading flora magazines in Indonesia.

The mission is to promote bonsai as an art form and to help artists and small nurseries to market their bonsai mainly for export orientation. Other objective is to educate bonsai farmers to cultivate bonsai by intensive and productive method; as well as to upgrade Indonesian bonsai quality by aesthetic and artistic approach through its affiliated Indonesian Bonsai Art Discussion Forum (information can be viewed on the related page on this blog).

Indonesian Bonsai Expo will be a marketing mediator providing all neccessary facilities including export documentation, quarantine and shipment. IBE will conduct annual exhibition in international scope by inviting individual bonsai enthusiasts, collectors and bonsai related firms from around the world. IBE is also presenting an online gallery and market place for selected bonsai available on sale in Indonesia.

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Condition & Term :

1. Prices are not including shipping freight and export handling charge if any, or any expenses may occure at destination port.

2. Total order value below USD 2000.- will be surcharged of USD 150.- for wooden-packing fee, quarantine and shipping document.

3. Shipping method upon buyer’s request.

4. IBE will only ship trees in good condition, but will not responsible for any damage during the shipping.

5. Buyer should provide their Import Lisence or other document if neccessary.

6. As the trees are growing, the condition of trees shipped may vary from the pictures shown; so IBE reserves the right to judge the condition to be shipped.

7. Payment in advance.

8. No claim and return back policy.



This section is offering top-class bonsai from all over Indonesia available for sale. Most of these bonsai are created by famous bonsai artists or collectors and mostly have won different awards in national as well as international contests.


Celtis chinensis   H: 95 cm        Price : USD 5000.-

This twin-trunk bonsai has a perfect anatomical and optical balance. Has been trained for more than 20 years and has won award in a national contest.

Very tough species, grows very fast, easy to take care and no problem for bare-rooted.

GL-2     Pemphis acidula   H: 62 cm

                                                 Price : USD 10000.-

Owned by one of the best bonsai artist in Indonesia. This bonsai won the 1st. Runner-Up of 2006 ABFF Award - Ismail saleh Trophy and many awards from national contests.

The only problem for Pemphis is never bare-rooted, so you need to have lisence to import with soil.

GL-3        Tamarindus indica   H: 70 cm

                                                    Price :  USD  3600.-

A very rare rafting Tamarin.

GL-4       Celtis chinensis   H: 80 cm

                                                  Price :  USD  7000.-

GL-5       Premna microphylla   H: 30 cm

                                                   Price :  USD  4300.-

This bonsai won the BCI President Award in the 2006 exhibition in Sumenep, Madura Island. 

GL-6      Celtis chinensis   H: 88 cm

                                                  Price :  USD  17000.-

Perfect details and composition…and nothing to comment about the nebari. Has won many awards in national competition.

GL-7       Acacia leucophoea    H: 79 cm

                                               Price   USD  9000.-

GL-8       Premna serratifolia   H: 73 cm

                                               Price  USD  2000.-

A very charming cascade literati.

GL-9       Carmona mycrophylla

H:  66 cm            Price :  USD  3000.-

Dynamic movement with perfect optical balance.

GL-10       Carmona mycrophylla

H: 90 cm          Price:  USD  6500.-

One of the best Fukian-tea you will ever find in this size.  Nice movement, harmonious composition with perfect physical details in proportion.

GL-11       Ulmus parfiflora

H: 92 cm         Price :  USD  6500.-

This is a giant Ulmus that hardly can find the second one in this size with such perfect physical details.  It has been treained for more than 25 years to obtain such tapering trunk in the beautiful movement and compact ramification.

GL-12      Premna mycrophylla

H: 15 cm            Price :  USD  3000.-

A very compact shohin

More various species to come…

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Nursery Stock

Indonesia is welknown as the paradise of yamadori and we have unlimited species to offer.   One of the most favourite species available as unique material is Premna (tropical/ sub-tropical); this is a rising star in bonsai with unlimited potential. Beside the ideal physical characters, Premna is easy to grow, tough and can be bare-rooted; so no problem for even ocean shipment.  

For more information about Premna, please see my article on the page : Article

NS-1     Podocarpus sp. (Pearl/ Mini leaves)

                                         H: 76 cm       Price : USD 3000.-

This is an extra rare species of Podocarpus so called the pearl leaves due to the extreme small size; hardly can find the second one in this size and style condition. Has been trained for 15 years and still on the refinement stage. Most of the branch structure is well done except the right branch still need to let grow thicker.

Although grows rather slow, but a tough species and easy to maintain and no problem for bare-rooted.


Premna serratifolia   H: 55 cm    Price   USD  450.-

NS-3       Premna serratifolia    H: 48 cm     

                                                  Price :  USD  450.-   

Strong character with natural deadwood.

NS-4       Premna serratifolia   H: 55 cm

                                                  Price   USD  400.-

We keep all the potential branches for optional design.

NS-5       Premna serratifolia   H: 60 cm

                                                  Price   USD  350.-

This Premna has a very unique line.

NS-6       Premna serratifolia   H: 43 cm

                                                  Price :   USD  350.-

Certainly will be a very unusual cascade…

NS-7       Premna serratifolia   H: 50 cm

                                                  Price :   USD  350.-

This Premna has many optional lines to explore.


Premna serratifolia   H: 58 cm        Price :   USD  400.-


Bougenvillea spectabilis   H: 82 cm         Price :   USD  350.-

Very nice trunk movement on well styling stage, but there is rooten defect on the back side…yest still a great deal !  

NS-10       Podocarpus sp. (Pearl/ Mini Leaves)

                                             H: 89 cm           Price :  USD  2500.-

The only second pearl-leaf Podocarpus has ever found as bonsai on such condition. All the physical structure is almost done.


Carmona microphylla   H: 73 cm       Price :  USD  900.-


Carmona microphylla    H: 72 cm        Price :  USD  900.-

NS-13       Podocarpus macrophyllus

                                                H: 72 cm       Price :  USD  750.-

This is a very potential stock; all the physical structure is almost done. Certainly a good deal.


Ficus microcarpa    H: 47 cm]

                                                     Price :   USD  400.-

For whom like a natural style of Ficus.

NS-15       Ficus microcarpa    H: 50 cm

                                                     Price :   USD  400.-

Another natural style of Ficus.

NS-16       Bougenvillea spectabilis    

                                                   H: 62 cm     Price :  USD  300.-

NS-17        Carmona microphylla   H: 34 cm

                                                     Price :  USD  150.-

Very compact in its size.


Tamarindus indica   H: 65 cm         Price :  USD  1200.-

NS-19     Local name: Gulo Kemantung

H: 65 cm      Price :  USD  600.-

The botanical name is not available. It looks very similar to Celtis chinensis but gives fruits in red color that looks like berry. It is an ideal species for bonsai in term of physical features and tought, easy to take care.

NS-20      Carmona mycrophylla

H: 48 cm         Price :  USD  500.-

Just minor touch on the two lower branches, change the pot and it will be a perfect bonsai.

NS-21       Carmona mycrophylla

H: 55 cm             Price :  USD  500 .-

No daubt this Fukian-tea has been trained for more than 15 years to obtain such trunk line with perfect tapering.  Nothing much to touch…simply change the pot and that’s it !

NS-22       Carmona mycrophylla

H: 59 cm           Price :  USD  650.-

The only reason to put this tree on the nursery stock section is to give the buyer option to re-style if neccessary. Otherwise, it’s all done.

NS-23      Carmona mycrophylla

H: 53 cm            Price :  USD  550.-

Another nice Fukian-tea, just another minor step on the last tip and you got this nice natural bonsai.

NS-24      Carmona mycrophylla

H: 41 cm             Price :  USD  450.-

A unique style, and if you wish, you can simply restyle it…

NS-25      Carmona mycrophylla

H: 40 cm            Price :  USD  500 cm

If you have gut to re-style, it will create a dramatic line…

NS-26      Ficus retusa

H: 70 cm             Price :  USD  900.-

This is a pre-styles windswept bonsai with excellent details; so it’s up to you to keep the style or change it…it’s growing on rock and well-blended.

NS-27      Ficus retusa

H: 70 cm            Price :  USD  3500.-

Maybe this is the bst deal you can get for Ficus in its size and the well-trained ramification.  Perfect nebari, tapering trunk line with proportional structure. Not a long way to go to to have this wonderful  giant Ficus.

NS-28      Tamarindus indica

H: 50 cm            Price :  USD  2000.-

The movement reflects the natural style of Tamarin found in tropical. 

NS-29      Premna serratifolia

H: 90 cm            Price :  USD  1750.-

A very challenging material with half natural deadwood.     

NS-30      Premna serratifolia

H: 60 cm           Price : USD 350.-

The gnarled texture provides a very unique base; this is a potential material for an interesting semi cascade by shorten the lower part..or create new line for a unique full cascade.

NS-31      Premna serratifolia

H: 20 cm          Price :  USD  250.-

NS-32      Premna serratifolia

H: 60 cm         Price :  USD 400.-

NS-33      Premna serratifolia

H: 34 cm          Price :  USD  350.-

NS-34      Premna serratifolia

H:          Price :  USD  750.-

NS-35     Premna serratifolia

H: 77 cm          Price :  USD  500.-

NS-36      Premna serratifolia

H: 92 cm           Price :  USD  500.-

NS-37      Premna serratifolia

H: 72 cm          Price :  USD  650.-

NS-38      Premna serratifolia

H: 36 cm          Price :  USD  350.-

NS-39      Premna serratifolia

H: 64 cm            Price :  USD  300.-

NS-40      Premna serratifolia

H:  62 cm           Price :  USD  450.-

NS-41      Premna serratifolia

H: 28 cm          Price :  USD  250.-

NS-42      Premna serratifolia

H: 54 cm          Price :  USD  200.-

NS-43      Premna serratifolia

H: 47 cm           Price : USD  400.-

NS-44      Premna serratifolia

H: 45 cm            Price :  USD  200.-

NS-45      Premna serratifolia

H: 53 cm           Price :  USD  400.-

NS-46      Premna serratifolia

H: 49 cm          Price :  USD  500.-

NS-47      Premna serratifolia

H: 45 cm          Price :  USD  400.-

NS-48      Premna serratifolia

H: 28 cm         Price :  USD  250.-

NS-49      Premna serratifolia

H: 90 cm          Price :  USD  200.-

NS-50      Premna serratifolia

H: 61 cm          Price :  USD  150.-

NS-51      Premna serratifolia

H: 42 cm          Price :  USD  250.-

Please come back next week…there are hundreds of new collected yamadori on the way…


More potential stock material to come e.g. Premna, Ficus, Casuarina, Triphasia, Carmona (Fukian tea), Ulmus, Pemphis etc….

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Bonsai Related Products

 Aesthetic Bonsai Tool   is a reliable bench mark for quality bonsai tools and appliances.  All the products are produced in China by OEM under strick quality control for export market.

Marka Bonsai Appliance Center   is the most leading importer and wholesaler of bonsai related products for Indonesian market. In its rapid expansion, has established a trading company in China to handle the export business for garden products including wide range of bonsai appliances and Yixing ceramic pots.

Marka Bonsai Appliance Center   is a subsidiary of Marka Mitra pt., Indonesia based company, has its own factory in China with more than 15 years experiances of exporting gift and garden items.  A reliable experienced partner for garden related products sourcing in China, quality inspection with competitive pricing policy and service orientation.

For more detailed information, please contact :

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