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Indonesian Bonsai Art Discussion Forum was initiated by Robert and 13 other bonsai artists and was declared on 26th July 2004 in Jakarta, Indonesia.  This forum was formed to the fact that many bonsai communities in different area around Indonesia do not have access to bonsai learning, and such education can hardly be obtained from the formal bonsai organization.  So this forum is purely a voluntary and dedicating educational activities in contribution to the bonsai community in Indonesia.

It is an informal discussion club without organization form and can be participated by whoever interested in learning and sharing the bonsai knowledge. The forum is conducted periodically by voluntary host in different cities around Indonesia without charges.

Robert has been intensively invited as key speaker to give lectures, demos and  critiques. This forum is the most active and popular education group of bonsai art in Indonesia with hundreds of participants in each program; and has proved successfully in upgrading the bonsai quality in Indonesia especially for those communities in the remote area.

The mission of this forum is to upgrade bonsai as an art form with aesthetic and artistic approach.

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