Articles on Selecting and Purchasing Tools, Bonsai, and Supplies

Getting the Most Out of Your Club Auction

By Will Heath, USA

Most clubs have an annual auction where members bring items they no longer have a need for, no longer want, or that they can not personally see a future for. These auctions serve many purposes, as they are not only a place where members can sell items they do not want, but also a place where members can pick up items they do want at highly discounted prices.

A Beginners Guide To Choosing Trees, Styles and Pots

By Kev Bailey, United Kingdom

Beginners will get the best start by choosing trees that are within their capabilities. An outdoor tree, indigenous to the area, is likely to be most successful. Some of the most easily available bonsai, such as those in most garden centres, high street shops and hypermarkets are also the ones most likely to die. They are rarely cared for properly and are often unsuitable tropical species which require a very controlled environment. Indoor trees are among the hardest to care for, because no tree grows indoors naturally. Most rooms in our centrally heated homes are completely unsuitable for almost all tree species.