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Portulacaria afra

Robert J. Baran, USA
Bonsai Author and Historian
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"Portulacaria afra, the Elephant's Food or Spekboom: a monograph which contains some of the areas of both knowledge and ignorance pertaining to this plant"

"This article was first published by Robert Baran at For more of his articles we suggest visiting this excellent web site."

Table of Contents

Part I

Historical References
The Trunk
The Branches
The Leaves
The Flowers and Fruit
The Roots

Part II

Horticultural & Other Uses

Part III

The Other Portulacaria
The False Portulacaria

Robert J Baran has been a supermarket carryout, pizza maker, security guard, theatrical make up person, stand-up comic, comedy writer, community theater actor, gardener, tree trimmer, tutor, church youth group minister, counselor, genealogical researcher, psychic reader and consciousness researcher, filing clerk, shipping clerk, data entry clerk, inventory control clerk, database manager, purchasing agent, job estimator, proof reader, customer service representative, videographer, group health insurance medical underwriter, premium accountant, hospital education center assistant (including Safe Sitter and Boot Camp for New Dads teacher), medical historian, bonsai historian, and web site designer. A father and a stepfather in my own right. With many erroneous beliefs yet to be recognized and unlearned.

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