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Knowledge of Bonsai Styling Contest Sponsors

Bonsai Focus Magazine

Bonsai Focus Magazine The leading western magazine on bonsai. The magazine is aimed at all levels of bonsai, therefore it is suitable for the very beginner bonsai enthusiasts as well as the advanced.

We cover a wide range of bonsai practices, techniques, master classes and much more in a well-designed practical format. The magazine features a vast range of varying species of tree - both native and Japanese varieties. Our step-by-step policy will help you to learn more about bonsai.

Erin Pottery

Erin Pottery Erin Pots are a small father and son partnership makers of extremely fine, bespoke bonsai pots. Erin Pottery was formed as a partnership of Victor A Harris and Glynn Harris in 1996. Individual one-off bonsai pots of any shape and finish are available on application.


Jim Smith: DURA-STONE CO. In 1979 he and his son Doug started the Dura-Stone Nursery and has been providing quality bonsai and pre-bonsai to his wholesale customers. The Nursery is open to the public from 8-5 on weekdays or by appointment. Jim is patient with all bonsai enthusiasts and freely gives advise derived from his years of experience in bonsai.

Sara Rayner's Bonsai Pottery

Sara Rayner's Bonsai Pottery She has been a full time contemporary potter in Red Wing, MN for over 25 years, but for the past 10 years she has solely made bonsai containers. All pots are hand thrown and altered on a potters wheel, and are made of high quality stoneware clays.

Bonsai Outlet

Bonsai Outlet At the Bonsai Outlet, we're bonsai gardeners like you. We just happen to also be one of the nation's leading companies dedicated to bonsai. We are proud to be a family-owned business. We value your business, and we're willing to go to any lengths to give you the best experience and customer service possible. You can rest assured that we'll provide you the best service before, during, and after the sale.

John Pitt Bonsai Ceramics

John Pitt Bonsai Ceramics All of my pots are hand-made by me and individually glazed, so every pot is unique and no two will ever be quite the same. A hand made bonsai pot has some very special qualities, It is something more than just beautiful, it is a beauty that always attracts your eyes and you never get tired of looking at it. An attribute that cannot be achieved with industrial mass production.

Blue Heron Bonsai

Blue Heron Bonsai Blue Heron Bonsai LLC is the result of a hobby gone crazy! Ryan Frye, the proprietor of Blue Heron Bonsai LLC, has been studying and growing bonsai for more than 10 years. His love of the art of bonsai stems from the joy it brings through quiet contemplation and appreciation of the little things in life.

Kaneshin Cutlery Mfg Co. Ltd.

Kaneshin Cutlery MfgThe trademark 'KANESHIN' that is used for our scissors, shears and garden tools is the creation of a very well known japanese master swordmaker Magoroku of Sanbon-Sugi Yakiba, which originated in a place called seki, japan. This place has been in existence for the past seven hundred years. These craftsmen are considered to be the best in the making of the traditional swords. This secret technique has been handed down from generation to generation. Every fact of steel and metal processing has been researched and improved under scientific testing methods until we are satisfied with our product. We pride ourselves by handmaking each individual tool.

Horst Heinzlreiter

Horst HeinzlreiterHorst Heinzlreiter is an Austrian ceramic artist known world-wide for the innovative, organic forms that he creates for kusamono and the ageless, rustic perfection of his bonsai pottery. Horst is also an accomplished bonsai artist, specializing in Mugo pine and larch that he collects himself from the alps.

Stone Monkey Ceramics

Stone Monkey CeramicsWe produce handmade stone ware Bonsai containers for the discerning collector and Bonsai enthusiast. Combining quality containers at affordable prices we pride ourselves in supplying that essential container to compliment your Bonsai. If there is no container on the web site to your liking then we can work together to design a container that will take your Bonsai to a new level. Stone Monkey Ceramics also produce a large and varied range of accent pots. Be sure to visit the Web Site on a regular basis as pots are constantly added when the kiln has been fired.

Gold Awarded Penjing Of The World

Gold Awarded Penjing Of The WorldWith support from many penjing organizations, artists, enthusiasts and people of insight, GOLD AWARDED PENJING OF THE WORLD was finally published in January 2007. I would like to give acknowledgment and offer my best wishes to all the people who supported and helped us.

McDonald Street Products

McDonald Street ProductsAfter over 20 years as a fabricator in the entertainment industry Graydon has decided to build something that hopefully won't wind up in the dumpster the day after the shoot? Turning to bonsai he saw a void of durable and functional utility products for the craft that really work. He created what he beliieves to be the first turntable with a place to keep your tools and supplies that is not in your back pocket?

Ron Lang Bonsai Containers

McDonald Street ProductsThe challenge of the bonsai potter is to provide fresh options, subtlety and variety for bonsai artists. Pots that come on strong, that make too much of a statement all on their own and have too much "ego" are difficult to marry off. But the opposite extreme is just as problematic, the generic, the mass produced and anonymous manufactured containers offer little opportunity for nuances in relationships beyond traditional arrangements. I try to make containers that have life, that take breath, that move, that are not static. The successful pairing of tree and container is a collaborative gestalt.

Bonsai Monk, Bonsai by the Monastery

Bonsai Monk, Bonsai by the MonasteryThe Monastery of the Holy Spirit was established in Conyers, Georgia on March 21, 1944. The search for God, common to all human beings, and which normally develops alongside other occupations, is for a monk his sole occupation. Daily life for the monks consist of prayer, contemplation, work and harmonious living with others. In his "Rule for Monks," St. Benedict stated that the monks were to work for their living "by their own hands." There are several industries at the Monastery that provide work and revenue for the community, one of which is Bonsai By The Monastery Greenhouse.